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Choosing a gift can be a big challange.  Whether for a newborn, baby or child picking the right gift is hard.  If you do not have children or children of a different age it can be hard to find an age appropriate gift.  So if you are stuck for ideas, our website gives you many ideas of baby gifts that are unique, personal and creative. We have a wide range of baby gift ideas to inspire you for one year olds, two year olds and the all other ages up to starting school.

If you enjoy making baby gifts have a look at our handmade baby gift ideas you will find something unique to inspire you to make something for the next baby gift you need to give. If you are crafty you should try making your own diaper cakes, these make fantastic baby gifts for baby showers and are a practical baby gift for when the newborn arrives. Alternatively, we have many ideas that will cost you time not money by using a skill that you have such as photography, scrap booking or cooking and with a little creativity you can deliver a special and highly personalized baby gift. Find out more in our article on using your skills as unique baby gifts.

If you are organizing a baby shower we have many ideas that are different and fun. We have a free baby shower quiz, baby shower gift ideas and a comprehensive guide of how to plan a baby shower.

As your child grows you will be searching for ideas for kids birthday party themes, cakes and games as well as creative kids crafts to do with your kids and preschoolers. You will find many of these ideas on this website to keep you on your children happy and busy for years to come. There are also some great kids recipes to give you ideas of what to cook for and with your children.

Personalized baby gifts are one way to show that the person giving a gift has put a little extra time and thought into the gift. When a newborn arrives parents often receive many gifts so why not give something personalized that they will remember was from you and will be a keepsake for the baby forever. A personalized baby gift could be something of a practical nature such as a blanket, quilt, towel or clothing with the babyĆ­s name, date of birth or place of birth embroidered on the fabric. Engraved bracelets are a beautiful personalized gift for a baby girl. A photo frame with the baby's name and a newborn photo will be cherished by the parent. 

A baby will love hearing his own name and in early months the more times he hears his name, the more familiar it becomes and the faster he will recognise it as his own. Giving a baby personalized music where his name is included within the song is a fantastic personalized gift and has educational and entertainment purposes.

A personalized baby book that you make yourself or purchase can be invaluable when a baby starts to be interested in books. She will enjoy having her name read out in a book and will love seeing pictures of herself and her family.

If you are looking for solutions to get your baby to sleep, or would like to learn the guitar to play nursery rhymes to your son or daughter or want to teach your baby sign language. All this an more can be found on! So welcome to our website and enjoy browsing!


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