Bathtime Activity Ideas For Babies and Kids

Bath time is part of every baby and toddlers daily routine. In the first few months of life a bath can be a soothing and relaxing time for parents and baby. As your baby grows he will start loving splashing and playing around in the bath. Having a large range of toys for the bath helps to keep your baby happy in the water (and stops you getting bored). If you are looking for some ideas to make bathime a little different getting here are some creative ideas to help make bath time a fun and educational time.

  1. The traditional rubber duck is always fun to watch float and squirt in the bath so make sure you have a few ducks to play with
  2. Bath books are great to distract your baby if she gets upset in the bath
  3. Freeze a small bath toy in a plastic cup of water, peel off the cup and watch the ice melt in the bath
  4. Pouring water out of a plastic cup from a height is facinating for children
  5. Get a shower pump for the bath, this can be suctioned to the side of the bath, when your toddler pushes the pump bath water is sucked up and pumped out the shower head
  6. Use a small washer to wash each part of your baby’s body, name and sing about each part as you do
  7. From birth get your baby use to having water splashed on his face, take him in the shower with you occasionally. This will help with washing hair and swimming later in life
  8. Put a number of small bath toys in the water and give your child a net to catch them with
  9. Add a couple of drops of food coloring to the water to have a colorful and fun bath. When your toddler is old enough she can choose the bath color, siblings can have fun negotiating the color they would like each day
  10. If your child does not like washing his hair let him wear goggles or a swimming mask to stop shampoo getting in his eyes
  11. If your child is a little fearful of taking the plug out, make crazy noises before and during the process to make the experience fun
  12. At the end of the bath get your baby to use a cup and fill a bucket with water. After the bath go outside and water the garden with the bucket of water. You will be setting a good example to your child by reusing water
  13. Give your toddler a straw and get her to blow bubbles in the water

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