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Erupting Volcano Cake

This cake is sure to impress the kids.  We used this cake for a 5 year old boys birthday party, but older kids would enjoy it as well. This cake goes well with a dinosaur or science theme. 

I used a tall kugelof tin for the top of the cake as this tin is already the shape of a volcano, plus a 10 inch round cake tin for the base to give the volcano height.

As decorations I covered the whole cake in chocolate icing.  The lava is flat red chewy candy that I found at the supermarket.  It was great as I was able to shape it with scissors stick it directly onto the icing.  The leaves are green colored ready made icing, and the rocks are crunchy rock chocolate that I also found at the supermarket. 

volcano birthday cakeMaking the cake erupt is the special part of this cake.  To do this I had a long shot glass sitting in the middle of the cake.  Just before serving I put a few small pieces of dry ice in the glass and then poured water into the glass.  The water reacts with the dry ice and the cake starts to smoke up, as the smoke reduces add more water and it will smoke up again.  Make sure you do not add to much water as the glass is small and you do not want to get a soggy cake!

It can be a challenge to find dry ice, but if you have a search around you should be able to get it.  Make sure you order it and pick it up on the morning of the party, or the night before.  Just remember that it will probably halve in quantity from when you purchased it depending on how long you take to use it so get enough that you will not be disappointed.  You only need a small amount for the cake, but since you have dry ice you may like to do a few science experiments for the kids at the party too. Make sure you do not touch the dry ice, use tongs and gloves as it will burn your skin if it comes into contact.

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