Environmental Gift Ideas for Babies and Children

Children are taught at a young age to be consumers.  Each year children are given new toys and gifts, often more than they know what to do with.  If you want to give something that makes the child think a little more and does not leave a large carbon footprint - take a look at our ideas for environmental gifts for babies and children.

  • Make a dress up box with recycled clothes, glasses, hats and scarves.
  • Make a craft box with recycled items that the chld can use to create things.  Add in a few special items such as glitter and glue.
  • Worm farm and worms to teach the child how to compost and become aware of food wastage.
  • Grow your own vegetable kit including seeds of vegetables that grow in your climate and the time of year.  Large pot and soil. 
  • Cloth nappies make a great gift for parents who are willing to make the effort.  The environmental benefits are huge and it is alot cheaper than disposable nappies especially if you get them as a gift!
  • Zoo membership or membership to museums
  • Buy second hand childrens books and second hand toys to give as gifts. Young children will not know the difference and will be just as happy as if you gave them something new.
  • Bake the child's favorite cookies as a gift and include the recipe so that he or she can make it themselves one day
  • Knit the child a jumper, hat or scarf
  • Start a share portforlio for the child, ensure the companies you invest in are ethical
  • Plant a tree for the child
  • Take the child camping in the bush for a night or two where together you can rediscover nature and basic living.
  • Recycle wrapping paper by carefully unwrapping gifts, taking off the sticky tape and keeping in a safe spot until you need it.  If the wrapping paper is torn put it in your craft box to use when your children next want something to cut up and create.


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