4 Year Old Gift Ideas

four year old gift ideas

Funky Kids Wall Stickers and Graphics

At age 4 children use their imagination to imitate adult activity, and participate actively in physical games. Age 4 is often the year before the child starts school, so gifts that assist with fine motor skills would be beneficial to help with writting at school. 

Do you need a gift for a 4 year old?  Here are a few ideas of gifts to give 4 year old children.

  • Removable wall stickers to decorate the child's room.  You can choose a theme of something the child is interested in such as dinosaurs, pirates, space, fairies or nursery rhymes
  • Puppets and puppet theatre
  • Threading and beading kits to develop fine motor skills
  • Water play toys or bath toys
  • Craft box - get a card board box and fill it with feathers, glitter, stickers, textars, beads, coloured paper, glue and foam.  Watch the 4 year old enjoy creating masterpieces from all the goodies in the box.
  • Toy kitchen with plastic crockery, kettle, toaster or microwave
  • Miniature oven
  • Set of coloured pencils or textars
  • Toy telephone
  • Supermarket basket, pretend food and cashier
  • Fancy dress costumes
  • Books are great at any age.  Depending on the child he or she may be ready to listen to chapter books that do not have pictures.  Books such as Enid Blyton's The Faraway Tree are a good gift and worth a try to see if your child will listen to a chapter a night.
  • Kids love helping in the kitchen so why not get a kids cooking book and cooking apron.
  • 4 year olds also love helping in the garden.  A gardening set with gloves, spade, watering can and wheel barrow would be great.  Better still give a 4 year old a planter box and vegetable seeds and together you can help them plant and look after their own vegetable patch.
  • Simple board games where luck rather than skill wins.  Games such as snakes and ladders or go fish are good games for 4 year olds.
  • Cricket set, soccar ball or football.

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