Hand Made Gift Ideas

There is something special about making a gift for a baby. There are so many baby crafts ideas around to choose from. It is lovely to work on a project during the mother-to-be's pregnancy and finish it just before the baby is born. If you have embarked on a big project you will probably be just as relieved that the project is over as the one who just gave birth. Why not give these creative and original baby crafts a try?

3D Gift Boxes | Keepsake Box | Cloth Book | Baby Blanket | Personalized Baby Book | Footprint Painting | Family Recipe Book

3D Gift Boxes

Sometimes you may want to give a practical gift or you may find something great in the store. You can then focus your creativity on making a unique and beautiful gift box. I found this site that has the most incredible 3D gift boxes that you can make, they are suitable for any size gift and for all ages and are truly unique and original. These would be a very impressive at a Baby Shower! You can download a step by step guide of how to make these amazing gift boxes in minutes. Click here to see examples.

Keepsake Box

There are so many baby crafts to choose from. A unique and useful gift to give a baby or toddler is a personalized Keepsake Box. This can be as creative or basic as you like.

Buy a large nice-looking storage box (big enough to fit a newspaper flat). Put the child's name on it and decorate as much or as little as you want. Here are a few decoration ideas:

  • Stick on wooden letters to spell the child's name
  • Cover the box in newspaper from the day the baby was born, cover again in plastic or contact
  • Cover the box in photos of the baby and his/her family, cover again in plastic or contact
  • Stick stickers all over the box
  • Paint the box in a simple design

You can include a number of things in the box, but mainly the box is for the parents to continually add keepsakes of the child's life. Buy the newspaper on the day the child was born and put that in the box. If you can find a protective cover for it, that would be ideal as it will fade.

Give the gift, perhaps with a list of ideas for what the parents may want to keep for the child, such as:

  • Newborn photos
  • Hospital identity tags
  • Birth certificate
  • Cards from friends/family
  • First edition stamps/coins that come out in the year of the child's birth
  • Hair clippings from first hair cut
  • First baby tooth that falls out
  • First paintings
  • Nice reports from day care or school
  • School Certificates

And as they get older, there will be special things that they may want to keep, now they have somewhere to put them! Baby crafts have never been more practical!


Cloth Book

Babies love cloth books. You can make your own cloth book and include different textures, materials, shapes and designs. Use felt or strong material and ensure everything is sewn on well so that it does not become a choking hazard.  If you want a pattern and instructions to make one, why not try to make this three little pigs storybook.

Baby Blanket

If you like to knit there are so many baby crafts you will be able to do! Babies often become attached to blankets, so why not knit a blanket that can be used as a comfort item?.

Knit squares and sew them together on completion. By knitting the blanket in squares it is portable while you are making it as you do not have to lug a blanket around with you, just a ball of wool and knitting needles. With the same wool and same pattern, make one large blanket for the cot, a mini blanket for day sleeps in the pram and a middle size blanket for day care and as a spare.

Personalized Baby Book

Baby crafts can be fun to make and educational too. To make a personal baby book find digital photos of grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents, friends and family pets. Have one or two people in each photo. Add captions and names to the digital photos if you have the software.

Laminate 2 photos back to back and bind the pages into a book. Trim the edges so that the pages are rounded. You will then have a personalized book for your baby to enjoy and at the same time he/she will become familiar with the names and appearances of members of the family.

Footprint Painting

A fun baby craft activity to do with your baby is footprint painting. It is easy to do and in years to come you will be so glad that you did it as you remember how tiny your son or daughters feet were as a baby. Hands are a little more difficult with a young baby so I recommend sticking with feet only.

All you do is get some non-toxic paint, paint your babies foot (one at a time) - a good tip is to leave the instep free of paint so that the print looks a little more elegant. Get some nice paper and place your babies painted foot on the paper, it helps if someone else can press the toes down while you hold the baby.

If you are doing this as a gift frame 2 of the footprints, they also make great cards for grandparents and as thank you cards.

Family Recipe Book

This is more a gift for parents than the baby.  It would be lovely to give this at a baby shower or for a child's birthday at any age.  It is something that the child will not use when they are young, but their parents will and they will use it when they start to cook.  A family recipe book is a collection of favorite family recipes from all generations of your family. Write or type the recipes out and put them in the form of a book. Include photos to make this book a real memory and tribute to all the cooks in your family.

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