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Kids Party Ideas

If you have kids the chances are that over their lifetime year after year you will be scratching your head for ideas of what to do for their birthday party.....

Of course you can hire entertainers, jumping castles, go to party venues or restaurants but all of these options cost a lot of money. So we have come up with some cheaper alternatives that will ensure that your child has a fun, original and imaginative party! Look below for some great kids party ideas.

One thing that many people don’t know is that you can now order personalized birthday cards for your kids online. Since many of these cards have photos and can be fully customized, it is the perfect memory keepsake.

Scavenger & Treasure Hunt | Face Painting | Balloon Art | Ideas for 1 & 2 Year Olds | Ideas for 3 year Olds

Riddle Scavenger Hunt or Treasure Hunt

scavenger hunt and treasure hunt kids partiesA riddle scavenger hunt is a perfect activity as a kids party idea (or adults). It is a bit daunting to start thinking about writing riddles and planning it all out.  But what if there was software that customized and wrote fun riddles for you that were age appropriate, with easy to print out clues guaranteeing you an amazing party experience.  Have a look at Riddle Me Scavenger Hunt and Treasure Hunt Software, you will really be glad you did. 

The Riddle Me Scavenger Hunt software can be customized to the age of kids at the party, objects in your home and also includes invitation templates, thank you cards and many extras.  You can write your own riddles or use some of the 5000 age specific riddle clues (age 3 - adult) within the software, it also includes 400 objects to choose from to hunt around your home and yard.  Have a look at Riddle Me Scavenger and Treasure Hunts now.

Face Painting

kids parties face paintingKids love having their faces painted! So why not learn how to do it yourself and create a fun atmosphere at your child's next party by painting everyone's faces! All you have to do is grab some face paint from your local store and start painting away! Have a look at our article below about Tips for Buying and Using Face Paints Properly - it will definitely save you time and money.

If you want to make sure your party is a success, have a look at 'Easy Face Painting'. Easy Face Painting provides you with a step by step guide of how to learn the skills of being a face painter and also gives you the most popular cheek painting designs to ensure your child's party is a successful face painting event! Have a look at the Easy Face Painting site, this is a skill that you will use over and over again as a kids party idea.


Balloon Twisting

kids parties balloonKids are mesmerized for hours watching someone create dogs, cats, hats and birds from balloons. This is a great activity for kids party and can be used as a gift for each child, a fun activity or even as decorations for the party. If you are well practiced, you can try telling a story and create animals and characters out of the balloons as they pop up in the story. For free videos of how to learn step by step the skill of balloon art have a look at 'Balloon Twisting with Sam'. Again, this is a skill that is easy to learn, fun and will create a fun and different atmosphere at your next party!

Kids Party Ideas for 1 and 2 Year Olds

There is not much you really need to do for a one year old's birthday party. But to make it special you could get some brightly colored helium filled balloons with long ribbons. One year olds love to pull these balloons around and watch them float up to the roof. Do not tie the balloon ribbon to the children. Helium filled balloons are fun for all ages and can be a feature of any kids party.

For two year olds, if you have access to a brightly colored parachute borrow or hire it and play some simple parachute games with the kids. Here are some simple parachute games to play with very young children.

  • Sit all the children on top of the chute towards the middle with the parents around the perimeter, parents to flap the parachute to create a wave like environment around the children.
  • Sit all the children under the parachute and parents to put the chute over their heads and sit on the chute creating a tent like environment inside where the children can crawl around.
  • Lie all the children on the ground, parents holding onto the edge of the parachute can gently lift it up and down on top of the children.

Kids Party Ideas for 3 Year Olds

Give the children water bottles with a spray nozzle that they can run around and spray each other with.

Play pass the parcel, this age group will just be able to play this game but will still need a lot of supervision.

Arts and crafts, this age group loves painting, gluing, stickers and coloring in. You could give each child a cardboard mask or hat in the shape of an animal that he or she could decorate.

Go fishing - make some paper fish and put a paper clip on each. Make fishing rods with a couple of sticks, string and magnets. Let the children catch the fish with the fishing lines - they will play this for hours!

Decorate cup cakes. Bake enough cupcakes for each child, give each child a plain cupcake on a plate and let them choose what they would like to decorate it with - different colored icing, candy, hundreds and thousands, glittered icing pens or anything else you can find.  If you have a theme to your party include this in your decorating options.  Kids at this age like to create and use a bit of everything you have on offer, so do not expect pretty cupcakes but you should expect to have a great fun time!

Tips for Buying And Using Face Paints Properly

  1. Make sure the package explicitly states that the paints are for painting faces and skin.
  2. Purchase only FDA-compliant Face Paints, Glitter and other supplies.
  3. Face paints are produced in an array of bright, bold colors. Buy the brightest, boldest colors you can find.
  4. Shop for face paint kits large enough for the type of event you are painting. The packaging will tell you how many 'faces' that particular product will paint. If you are simply painting cheek art, most palettes will last a lot longer than the package states.
  5. If you are painting outdoors in how weather, place your face paints on ice (or a freezer block) to minimize melting.
  6. Practice often with your new Face Paints before the big event.
  7. Use separate paintbrushes for each color family of Face Paint. This will alleviate mixing colors accidentally which could make your face paints muddy or dirty.
  8. DO NOT use craft paints or acrylic paints instead of authentic face paints. It may seem like it's not a big deal to using another type of paint, but allergic reactions can result from using something other than FACE paint.
  9. Rinse your face paint brushes and other tools with clean water after each event. Let air dry.
  10. Do not use face paints on someone with cuts, abrasions, rash or sensitive skin. Offer to paint their arm, wrist or leg instead.

And the Last Tip for Buying and Using Face Paints: Be Brave. Have Fun. Don't Worry. Children are very forgiving and the process of having their face painted is almost as fun as the end result!

Easy Face Painting is the guide that over 1,000 first-time face painters have used to guide them through their very first face painting event. Whether it's a birthday party, charity fundraiser, school festival or community picnic, Face Painting is a popular activity with kids of all ages and Easy Face Painting makes it, well, Easy!


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