One Year Old Gift Ideas

Do you need to get a 1st birthday gift for a baby? If you are not sure what is age appropriate, safe or interesting for this age group or you just need a little inspiration here are a few ideas. When you are shopping for this age group always read the label on toys as many toys are not suitable for children under 3 years old due to small parts that may be a choking hazard.

Gift Ideas For a One Year Old Child

  1. A doll or toy baby that the child can start to interact with for pretend play. The toddler can put the 'baby' to bed, take it for a walk in a pram or change its nappy. This is a great gift in preparation for a new sibling.
  2. Personalized artwork for the child's room such as the one featured on this page. This would brighten up any room and the child will start to recognize his or her name.
  3. Tea set, usually given to girls but is great for boys too and encourages pretend play. If you look hard enough you will be able to find sets that are not pink!
  4. To familiarize a 1 year old with the names of family and friends, make a photo book with members of the family, friends and family pets. Add captions and names to the photos and them laminate them and bind the pages into a book. Trim the edges so that the pages are rounded. The 1 year old will enjoy turning pages and looking at the familiar faces and will soon be able to say the names of the people in the photos.  If you are creative have a look at our handmade gift ideas to inspire you some more!
  5. Wooden or plastic kids size table and chairs will get lots of use when the child is doing crafty activities or for meals and snacks.
  6. A bike or ride on wagon is great fun for this age, can be used as a walker or as a bike.
  7. Good quality paint, brushes and large art paper is a perfect birthday gift for a one year old.
  8. A small tent and tunnel can be used inside or outside and is great fun for a 1 year old.
  9. Toy farm house with animals and a tractor is good for learning different animals and the noises they make.
  10. A swing that can hang inside or outside.
  11. Dump truck, tractor or car will always be popular.
  12. Mega blocks - it will be a while until the child is building robots and buildings out of blocks but she will love destroying what ever mum or dad creates and will eventually start to put 2 blocks together.
  13. Dress up box - this box can be added to at each birthday. At age one having a few crazy hats, scarves and fake glasses can be fun.
  14. Wooden blocks are a basic and good toy for this age group.
  15. Outdoor play center to climb on.
  16. Music is an excellent gift for this age group, the child will soon be dancing and even singing along to a familiar tune.
  17. Books are a great gift at any age and perfect as a 1st birthday gift. One year olds enjoy books with brightly colored pictures of familiar objects or people. Books that have textured areas to touch, buttons with noises, music or flaps that lift up to reveal something underneath will be suitable for this age group.
  18. Sand pit and sand toys, one year olds love playing in sand, a large outdoor tub with a cover and a few bags of sand would make a perfect gift.
  19. Musical instruments such as xylophone, maracas, cymbals or a drum are always fun if the parents do not mind a bit of noise.
  20. Different size boxes to nest or stack, stacking cups or shape sorter.
  21. If you love to give clothing as a gift why not give your baby beautiful designer styles from Tea Collection.

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