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Kids Party Theme Ideas

Coming up with an original idea for your child's party can be a challenge.  Here are a few ideas of themes, games and cakes that may help you find a fun theme for your next kids party.

Science PartyWilly Wonka Chocolate Factory Party

Science Party

Kids love it when science is fun.  Dry ice can really give your party a buzz!  The kids will be amazed by what the dry ice can do.

kids party dry ice experimentFor your first experiement get a clear container (I used a tall glass vase).  Fill it with water (use food colouring to make it look interesting).  Then drop small pellets of dry ice into the water, watch the smoke and listen to the kids excitement.  Add more dry ice for more smoke.

kids party dry ice experimentYour second experiment is similar to the first but add a few drops of dishwashing detergent first.  Then add the dry ice and watch the bubble overflow!   Add more dry ice for more bubbles.

For the final experiment you will need a bowl filled with water and a piece of material soaked in dish washing detergent.  Place some dry ice in the bowl filled with water and gently run the material along the top of the bowl.  You are trying to create a bubble on the bowl that will trap the smoke from the dry ice.  This is pretty hard to do but worth a try!


I created a volcano cake for this party and used the technique in the first experiment to bring the volcano out 'smoking'. I used a tall shot glass in the middle of the cake half filled with water and carefully dropped the dry ice pellets in.

A word of warning as dry ice can be a little dangerous... make sure you do not touch the dry ice with bare hands use thick gloves or tongs, and do not seal it in a container while transporting (also do not put it in your fridge).  Depending on the wheather dry ice will decrease in size over time, so buy it as close as you can to the party and get a little extra.


Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory Party

kids party theme willy wonka chocolate factory, candy store

This kids party theme is a huge hit for boys or girls aged from 5 to 12 years. Of all the parties I have done it was by far the most fun to organise and plan from a parents perspective. There are many ideas on the internet of how to make a Wonka Party successful, here are a few more….


The choice of invitations for a Chocolate Factory party is easy - a golden ticket! But how to design and print a golden ticket yourself can be difficult. I found the cheapest and easiest way was to design 3 invitations per page and then print make lollypop decorationthem on gold coloured paper. The wording we used was:

John's Wonka Party Golden Ticket, Greetings to you, ……. the lucky finder of this golden ticket, from Mr. Willy Wonka!!  You are invited to John's 7th Birthday Party. Present this ticket at the chocolate Factory Gates (your address), at 3pm on Sunday Date….. In your wildest dreams you could not imagine the marvellous surprises that await you!

Use the above wording, put a stylish boarder around the outside of the ticket and print 3 per page. You can download 'Wonka' font from the internet and use that on the invitations and for decorations.

Decorationswonka party theme edible flower pots

Set up a table as a candy store. Find a bright coloured table cloth, have different levels so that some items can be elevated. Instead of having lots of jars with candy have a couple of bowls with candy to eat and make jars of candy with bright coloured paper covering the inside of large jars. I also made labels using wonka font for the food e.g. "luminous lollies for eating in bed at night", "exploding sweets for your enemies" and "stick jaw for talkative parents", these were all taken directly from the book.

Make giant paper lolly pops. Cut 2 large circles of different coloured cardboard, use one as a base and the other cut in a swirl to stick on top. Stick a long wooden stick onto one end and then cover the whole thing in cellophane.

wonka party theme decorations These look great sticking out of a jar in your 'candy store' or stuck in your garden as decorations. The more you make the better!

I also designed wonka bars on paper, stuck a thick piece of cardboard behind them and used them to decorate the candy store.

We had a small chocolate fountain and surrounding this I made 'edible flowerpots'. The edible flowerpots were made using a plastic flower pot, with a large polystyrene ball nailed into the bottom, wooden skewers stuck into the ball. At the ends of the skewers I had strawberries and marshmallows ready to dip into the chocolate fountain.


  • chocolate factory party theme game Lollies were tied onto string hung off the washing line, the children had to eat the lollies without using their hands
  • Guess the jelly bean flavour- children are blind folded and have to guess from 5 colours which jelly bean they are eating
  • Chocolate river game - In teams, each team has a large bowl of chocolate milk, each person has a straw to drink the milk, first team to finish the milk wins.
  • The final activity was for each child to 'make their own party bag'. During all the games children received 'Wonka dollars' to spend at the candy shop. At the end of the party each child exchanged their wonka dollars for the candy they wanted to 'buy' for their own take home party bag.


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