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Kids Craft Activities

If you enjoy being creative why not try some of these easy kids crafts with your child at home? All of these ideas are pretty simple and use only basic materials that you probably have around the house. As you can see from the photos all these ideas have been tried by real live kids! Most kids and toddlers love doing craft activities so why not try one of these kids crafts? Now don't expect masterpieces - just enjoy the experience.

Flower Press | Card Weaving | Parachute | Hairy Eggs | Sponge Painting | Puppets | Screen Printing | Bark Painting | Hand and Foot Prints | Crayon Wax Painting

Flower Press

flower press craft with kidsKids love collecting flowers.  So why not try to make something creative with pressed flowers.  With this craft even the most simple designs look great. 

First of all you need to find some flowers to press.  Lay them out between 2 pieces of plain white paper within the pages of a thick book.  Store the book under something heavy for about 4 weeks.  Once your flowers are pressed you are ready to get creative! 

You can use the pressed flowers in a collage or a picture to hang on the wall.   If you want to make something practical why not try a gift tag or a book-mark.  Gift tags can have a simple flower glued onto one side and a message on the other side.  A book-mark is made with flowers stuck to a long piece of card board and then covered in clear contact paper.

Card Weaving

kids craft card weavingAfter birthdays do you have beautiful cards lying around that you are not sure what to do with?  Why not let your children practice their weaving skills using birthday cards? All you need to do is choose 2 cards of similar size, cut one into 2cm wide long strips long ways.  Cut the other short ways also 2 cm wide but do not seperate the strips, leave a 2 cm boarder. Get your child to weave the long strips over and under the other stirps of paper.  Great for developing fine motor skills!

Make a Parachute

make a parachuteMaking a parachute is a great craft activity for kids and it is also fun to play with afterwards. All you need is some tissue paper, raffia or string and a cotton reel. You can decorate your tissue paper in any way you like using paint, texters or any other materials.  Or you are welcome to leave it plain as we did in ours.

  1. Fold your tissue paper into 4 to make a rectangle shape approx 20cm x 8cm.
  2. Make holes in the 4 corners of the tissue paper.
  3. Cut 4 lengths of string each approximately 30 cm long
  4. Tie each length of string to each corner or the tissue paper
  5. Thread all 4 pieces of string through the cotton reel and tie in a knot at the base of the cotton reel.

Now go outside, throw your parachute high in the air and watch it float down!

Hairy Eggs
Kids crafts are easy to do at home with your toddler. It is fun and educational for toddlers to plant, water and watch plants grow. Have fun creating and growing these hairy eggs.

kids craft hairy eggs

You will need a few eggs, cotton wool, alfalfa or quick-growing seeds and felt tipped pens or paint (preferably water proof).

        • Hard boil your eggs, carefully cut the top off the egg and remove the egg from shell.
        • Decorate the shells with faces
        • Fill the empty shell with cotton wool
        • Sprinkle seeds on top of cotton wool and moisten well
        • Cover with a small amount of moistened cotton wool and put in egg cups near the window moisten cotton wool daily

My mistake was using non waterproof pens (as you can see from the photos).

Sponge Painting
kids craft sponge paintingKids crafts can get boring if you just give your preschooler paper and paint. Why not use a household cleaning sponge cut into shapes to create different shapes on the paper. It is easy to cut out shapes with a sponge, cover the sponge in paint and place it on paper.

Wiggles Puppets
kids craft puppetsThese puppets are easy to make, especially if your child is a fan of The Wiggles. All we did was photocopy a page from a Wiggles book. For this kids craft, get your preschooler to colour in the figures and then you cut them out. Your toddler will be able to help glue on a popsicle stick to the back of the puppet and googly eyes. Then you will both be able to put on a puppet show and sing your favourite song!

This is a basic and easy puppet that can be used with any character, animal or design.

Basic Screen Printing
kids crafts basic screen printingThis kids craft is great fun especially as children love to smear paint. Use a sheet of plastic (like a table cloth) or a large sheet of paper and fasten it to the table. Let your toddler have fun covering a large area of the plastic with paint and their fingers.

Then, using the wrong end of a paint brush or a blunt pencil let your toddler draw a design on the painted surface. Get a second piece of paper and lay it on top of the design, carefully press down and then lift off and you have a screen print!

It takes a bit of practise to work out the best amount of paint to have on the plastic - to much and the screen print smudges all over the design, to little and the paint does not transfer. As long as you all enjoy yourself in the process it doesn't really matter what the end product looks like!  My 2 year old loved this activity.

Bark Painting
kids crafts bark paintingkids crafts can utilise items in the natural environment. Kids love to find large bits of bark, leaves and rocks on the ground. Why not bring them home and paint them! It makes a change from painting on paper all the time.

Hand and Foot Prints
kids crafts hand and foot printsWhen you are stuck for an activity to do with your toddler, hand and foot prints are always fun. For fun feet painting you can spread out a long sheet of paper on the grass. Spread paint on a tray at one end of the paper. It is your toddlers job to stand in the paint tray, ensure there is enough paint on his or her feet and then walk or run across the paper! It may also be a good idea to pre-prepare a bucket with water and soap to wash the paint off.

Hand and foot painting is an excellent kids craft idea for all ages. If you do the first when your child is a newborn and then repeat the activity every 6 months or so, you will then have a nice record of your child's growth.

Crayon Wax Painting

crayon and wax painting for kidsIf you are looking for a fun and creative activity to do with your toddler give this a go. You will need crayons, paper and paint. Get your child to colour the whole piece of paper in different colours of crayons. Make sure he or she covers the whole piece of paper in colour. Then get paint, use black if you want a space / night scene or any other colour if you just want to have fun and make a design. Cover the whole paper again in the paint. You can then wait for the paint to dry and then scratch off the paint with a blunt pencil or if your toddler can not wait, use a blunt instrument (or your fingers) to take off some of the paint and make a design. If your child makes a mistake they can repaint the paper and make a new design!

Want More Ideas?
Do you want more ideas for preschool crafts at home with your toddler? Search through hundreds of craft ideas that have been kid and parent tested. I am sure you will find something to ignite your imagination at Little Kids Crafts.

If you have not done jelly painting with your baby or toddler yet have a look at our jelly painting activity and have fun doing it!.

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