Home Safety Ideas - Baby Proofing Your Home

Life changes when you become a parent. A home where a newborn or crawling toddler lives looks very different to that of a home with a young couple without kids. These differences are essential to ensure the safety of children because an average house has many hazards. The home safety list below includes many essential safety ideas as well as many items that would be a most appreciated and practical gift for new parents.

Things to think about To Make Your Home Safe For Baby


  • Barrier gate to restrict access
  • Fit an oven guard
  • Fire blanket / fire extinguisher
  • Lockable cupboard for cleaning products
  • Knives and sharp objects out of reach
  • Kettle and appliance cords out of reach
  • Saucepans placed on back hot plates with handles turned to prevent them being pulled down.
  • Child resistant latches on cupboards you do not want your child getting into
  • Replace tablecloths with placemats
  • Store plastic bags out of reach
  • Safety lock on dishwasher


  • Lockable medicine cupboard
  • Cosmetics, razors, hairdryers all out of reach
  • Heater out of reach
  • Reduce hot water tap below 50 degrees
  • Bath thermometer
  • Non-slip mat in bath tub


  • Nappy bucket with firm fitting lid
  • Store poisons, laundry powder and cleaning agents out of reach


  • Store poisons, pesticides, paints out of reach
  • Remove all branches hanging at child’s eye level
  • Clear pathways


  • Barrier gates on stairs
  • Covers for all power points
  • Child proof locks for cupboards, drawers, fridge, washing machine, dryer and toilet
  • Move furniture away from windows, ceiling fans and electrical switches
  • Secure large objects to prevent them from falling eg bookcases
  • Blind and curtain cords out of child’s reach
  • Ensure suitable number of smoke alarms installed
  • Heating appliances out of reach
  • Place all hot drinks out of reach
  • Fireguards in front of all fires
  • Stickers or frosting on glass areas to prevent collisions
  • Remove small, fragile or breakable items
  • Safety locks on windows to stop them opening more than 4 inches

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