Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby showers are held prior to the baby arriving making it the perfect opportunity to give some really practical gifts. The mother-to-be can use these gifts in the first few weeks and months of the babies life. Parents will appreciate a practical gift and it will save them rushing to the shops to buy everything.


Top 10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

  1. Make your own baby bath basket by getting a baby bath and filling it with towels, wash cloths, brush, comb, lotion, shampoo, baby soap, baby powder, q-tips, massage oil, a baby robe and a rubber ducky. Put all the items in the baby bath and tie it up with a big ribbon making a practical and beautiful gift!
  2. If you want to get clothes don’t spend a fortune on a gimmicky or delicate item. Get practical clothes such as onsies or layettes to be used in the first few months. Babies do not need dressy clothing and if the parents want to dress their baby for a special occasion they usually will want to choose the clothes themselves.
  3. A home safety kit including thermometer, blunt ended scissors and nappy rash cream.
  4. Get something for mom after she has the baby such as a massage or a voucher to her favorite clothing shop to buy some post-maternity clothes. The voucher can be wrapped up with some breast pads or maxi-pads to have a bit of a laugh.
  5. A sling to carry the baby in. Slings are practical and have so many benefits. They are a great way to transport babies from birth. They are great for shielding mum and baby when breastfeeding in public and can be used as the baby grows.
  6. A play mat for the baby to lie on in the first few months.
  7. Diapers are a popular baby shower gift, you can never have enough diapers and different sizes and brands can be given. That way the mother to be can try then out to see which they prefer. To present them in a creative way get a diaper pail and fill it with the diapers. You could also include some nappy rash cream, baby power and baby oil. If you are feeling creative why not make a diaper cake, learn how to make a diaper cake here.
  8. If you give a book or toy instead of wrapping it in paper, wrap it in a receiving blanket or muslin wrap and attach a rattle as the bow (everyone at the party will be impressed….)
  9. A small tree that the parents can plant in their garden once the baby is born, that way the child and tree can grow up together.
  10. If the mom-to-be has a registry it is a safe bet that a gift from the registry will be perfect – so why look any further!!!


Birthing Kit Foundation
Instead of a baby shower gift for the mother-to-be you could encourage your friends and family to make a donation to the Birthing Kit Foundation.  This organisation is dedicated to improving the conditions for women who give birth at home in developing countries.  With an estimate of 385 000 women dying annually in childbirth, many from infections acquired during childbirth, there is a great need for clean birth kits and education in clean birthing practices.  Information on how to donate and information about the organisation can be found at Birthing Kit Foundation

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