Baby Shower Quiz Activity

A great activity to do for a baby shower is to make up a personal quiz about the mother-to-be. Use the following questions as a quide and add a few of your own aswell. 

Divide the guests into 2 – 5 teams. The mother-to-be will be in a team of her own. Each team can select a team name. Team names are a good opportunity for a bit of fun, you could ask each team to come up with a name based on what the team thinks the babies first or middle name will be. Or the team could guess the due date of the baby and that becomes their name.

Write questions based on the personal details of the mother-to-be, for example her birth weight & height, the first word she spoke when she was a baby (you will need to have a secret conversation with the grandmother-to-be to find out this information). Write other questions about motherhood and what the new mother can expect. Also think of some group challenges for the mother-to-be and a team to have fun with. We have included some
examples of questions and challenges, use them or let your imagination go wild and think of your own! This quiz will make your party stand out as a unique baby shower.

Baby Shower Quiz Questions

  • What was Mother-to-be’s birth weight and length?
  • What are the 4 Wiggles called (and their colors)
    Answer: Greg yellow, Murray red, Jeff Purple, Anthony Blue
  • What is the common period between the birth of a child and the next romantic dinner with your husband?
    Answer: at least 18 years
  • Name 3 popular kids’ TV shows/ bands. (apart from the Wiggles)
    Answer: High Five, Bob the Builder, play school, Dora the explorer
  • What was Mother-to-be’s first word?
  • What color is Thomas the Tank Engine?
    Answer: Blue
  • True or false? When newborn babies cry they produce tears?
    Answer: false
  • What age did Mother-to-be start walking?

Baby Shower Quiz Challengers

  • In 1 minute demonstrate as many different positions for baby in the sling.
  • First team to correctly put a cloth or disposable diaper on a pretend baby.
  • Teams compete to drink milk from a babies bottle, first team to finish wins.
  • All teams are given 1 minute to write a detailed list of what a mother needs to pack in a bag for a days outing with her baby.
  • Each team thinks of as many nursery rhymes as they can. Each team has a turn to sing the first few lines of one nursery rhyme, keep having turns until one team can no longer think of a nursery rhyme (they are out) continue until one team remains. Teams can not repeat nursery rhymes sung by other teams
  • Each team to write a list of as many Dr Seuse books as they can
  • Each team to get a piece of string and guess the circumference of mother-to-be’s tummy. Measure mother-to-be and see which team was closest.

For these baby shower challenges you will need the following equipment (depending on the number of teams):

  • 2 - 5 baby size dolls
  • 2 - 5 cloth or disposable diapers
  • sling
  • 2 - 5 baby bottles & milk
  • paper and pens
  • string and scissors


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