Sign Language For Babies and Beyond Product Review

There is no better way to be inspired and learn than from a mother who has experienced signing with her 6 children. Wendy Jensen has designed this tool to enable you to learn quickly and easily how to sign with your baby.

The kit includes an e-book explaining the research behind baby sign language and the vast number of benefits that it can have for babies and families. Wendy includes many personal anecdotes of her children signing, many of which are inspirational. Once you have read Wendy's book you will want to start signing straight away.

The actual signs are displayed via a number of short videos categorized in topics. You can simply download these short videos onto your computer and watch them at your leisure. The signs are based on American Sign Language and are easy to remember and simple to include in your
everyday conversation.

Sign Language for Babies and Beyond is simple to learn and has clear instructions. If you are unsure about anything Wendy is available via email for consultation if you need any help.

Baby-Patch rates this product as ★★★★☆

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