Use Your Skills to Give Unique Baby Gifts

If you want to do something special and personal for your friend or relative that is having a baby, think about what you are good at to use your own skills and hobbies to give a really unique gift for the new baby. Here are some ideas for people with skills in a variety of areas such as cooking, photography, organizing, cleaning, scrapbooking, wine, website design, baby sitting, gardening, painting and craft. These are just a few ideas to get your creative mind going wild!


For the Cook

If you enjoy cooking there is nothing better for new parents than being presented with freshly cooked meals. Make food that can easily be frozen or let the family know ahead of time that you will be dropping over a meal to be eaten fresh. In the first few months of a baby's life parents are so focused on the needs of the baby that they often forget about their own needs. When they do have a spare minute to think about themselves making a meal can seem more like a chore. So this is the perfect gift if you enjoy cooking. You could cook the food yourself or organise a gourmet internet food provider to deliver several meals to the family.


For the Photographer

If you enjoy photography and are good at it, offer to take a photo-shoot of the new family. It is difficult to get good photos of mum, dad and the baby as it is normally mum or dad taking the photos. Having someone else take many photos in various settings will hopefully end up with a couple of excellent photos. You could print out a couple of the best photos and frame them or just give the family all the photos digitally.   The family will really appreciate this unique gift!


For the Organizer

Many families have parties or events in the early days and months of the baby's life. These events may include a naming ceremony, a Bris, Christening or Welcome party. If you are a good organizer offer to help organize these events to take some of the burden off the family. It would be such a load off parents to know that someone they trust is organizing the food, venue, invitations, RSVP's, set up, clean up and general running of this event early in the baby's life.


For the Cleaner

Offering to clean a family's home in preparation for the new baby returning home would be thoroughly appreciated by some families. Organizing someone to clean the family home (or doing it yourself) every fortnight for the first three months would also be a great help. It sounds boring, but if you have had children you know how much this baby gift would be appreciated.


For the Scrapbooker

If you love scrapbooking why not offer to make a scrapbook of the baby's first few weeks of life or first year? You can use photos of the baby and family, locks of the baby's hair, a copy of the birth certificate, hospital identification bracelet, cards received from family and friends, photos of toys, newspaper cutouts from the day the baby was born and anything else you can find. This is a unique gift that families will love.


For the Wine Connoisseur

If you appreciate fine wines, why not make your gift a case of good wine bottled in the year of the baby's birth to be stored and opened on his/her 21st birthday. A great unique baby gift.


For the Website Designer

Offer to design a family website that the parents (or you) can easily upload photos of the baby as he/she grows and changes. With many families spread all over the globe or interstate having a website with photos helps to keep family and friends in touch.


For the Baby Sitter

Giving new parents a night off to relax and spend time with each other is often highly appreciated. You could give the new parents a home made voucher for an evening of babysitting and a dinner out.


For the Gardener

You could choose a tree that is appropriate for the season and climate to plant in the family's garden around the time of the baby's birth. The family can then watch the tree grow with the child.  This is a lovely baby gift, try and find a species of tree that flowers or fruits around the time of the child's birthday.


For the Artistic Painter

You could paint a picture to put up in the baby's nursery. Or offer to paint a mural in the baby's bedroom, play room or outside area. The family will love this unique baby gift.


For the Crafty Person

Knitting jumpers, sewing clothes, making soft toys or blankets are all handmade gifts that most parents and baby's love. So if you enjoy craft you have a great excuse to make something creative that will be treasured by the family you give it to.

If you have other skills or hobbies that you have used as a gift we would love to hear from you and share your ideas with the rest of our community. Send us your ideas.

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