Unique Baby Shower Ideas

Sick of the same old baby shower games? Do something a little different and try one of these unique baby shower ideas below.

Planning a baby shower can be incredibly rewarding and fun. The first step is figuring out the theme of your shower, then ordering unique baby shower invitations to go along with your theme. You can then buy fun decorations, food, include a baby shower game to get people excited, and your baby shower will surely be a success! After all, it is such a memorable occasion which will forever be treasured.

Plant a Flower Garden Baby Shower Activity

A lovely idea for spring babies is to give the mother-to-be bulbs to plant. Instead of presents (or as well as) guests can bring a bulb. During the baby shower friends and family can help to plant the bulbs in the new
mother’s garden. When the baby arrives so to will a beautiful array of flowers!!
This will make for a very unique baby shower.

Babyshower Favors

There is a huge range of Babyshower Favors that can help make your
baby shower unique. They can be personalized and are inexpensive and fun!

Make a Quilt or Blanket for the Baby Shower

Ask each guest to knit or decorate a square of fabric that can be sewn together to make a blanket or quilt for the baby when he/she arrives.

Jar of Fun & Advice Baby Shower Game

Make a ‘Jar of Fun and Advice’ from family and friends. When the mother-to-be has had the baby, has had little sleep and needs a little distraction she can dip into the Jar and pull out a message from a friend or relative. The messages can include funny stories about the mother, words of wisdom, jokes or advice. Write the messages during the baby shower and present the jar to the mother-to-be at the end, she must be instructed not to read the messages until she has had the baby and when she needs distraction.

Have a Traditional 7-Month Ceremony* as a Baby Shower

The origins of the concept of a Baby Shower come from the traditional 7-month ceremony celebrated in many countries. The 7 month ceremony is celebrated in Guatemala with a ritual where the mother walks around outside and describes the scene she sees to her unborn child, describing the mountains and rivers.

In Indonesia the 7 month festival centers around a feast held at the home of the maternal grandmother-to-be. The table is laid with seven pyramids of rice to symbolize the seven months of pregnancy and a large pyramid of rice to symbolically provide strength to the baby.

You can hold your own 7-month ceremony with a feast and include your own ritual within the celebration. Light 7 candles or plant 7 trees. Have each guest whisper words of wisdom to the unborn child.

Make a Unique Diaper Cake for Your Mother to Be at the Baby Shower

Making a diaper cake is quick and easy, check out how to make your own diaper cakes. Once you have done that, decorate your cake with photos, colours, items and symbols that are personal to your mother to be. This would be the perfect centrepiece of the party.

Write Special Messages to The Baby at the Baby Shower

Have a special book at the baby shower. During the celebration each guest can write their own special message to the child.

How Many Songs Can You Think Of? A Baby Shower Game.

This is a great game to play at baby showers and gets everybody singing. In teams ask your guests to think of as many songs as they can with the word 'baby' in it. Each team has a turn to sing one song. Continue to give teams a turn and knock out any team that can no longer think of a new song. Songs can not be repeated. Keep going until only one team remains. The game can then be repeated with another word or name.

Make A Necklace or Bracelets as a Baby Shower Activity

Ask each guest to bring a bead or make beads at the celebration from clay or fimo. Use the beads to make a necklace or bracelet that the mother to be can wear during labor.

Make a Hanging Mobile as a Baby Shower Activity

During the baby shower get everyone to make a mobile together. Each guest could decorate a square of cardboard or make a felt toy that can be joined into a hanging mobile.

Lighting Candles As a Baby Shower Activity

During the baby shower light candles to name and honor the mothers and grandmothers who have come before. Alternatively, ask each guest to bring a candle, in turn each guest lights a candle and gives a blessing to the mother to be. What is a better way to create a unique baby shower?

Have a Pampering Day

Hire someone to attend the baby shower to give each guest a massage, facial, pedicure or manicure

Also have a look at our free baby shower quiz

*Jackson, D (2005) A Gift for New Mothers, London

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